About Me

Hi, I'm Susan. I am an avid reader and a keen writer. 

About my Reviews
I love writing reviews; I go through so many books I find it a good way to remind myself what they were about and what I thought of them.  Sooz Book Reviews seemed like a good way to share them with anyone who might be interested. 

I particularly love to read novels by other independent authors and peer-review.  I don't take requests, partly because I wouldn't be able to cope with too many, and partly because I am selective. 

I should clarify; I don't write reviews to help authors sell books.  I write them to help potential readers make an informed choice, based on my opinion.

 About my Writing
So far I have produced 2 books that have been independently published.  My debut novel, Butterfly porcupine, is the first in a coming-of-age series called Tales from Aintree Court, and was first published in paperback in February 2011. A second revised edition was published in July 2012. My second novel, 'Two versions of the same song', the second Aintree tale, was published in December 2012 and I am currently writing the third in the series.

The stories are pitched at the level for readers in their mid-to-late teens but may be enjoyed by adults who enjoy reading contemporary YA fiction also.

More info about my books is available at: My B-Spot

I write YA fiction and, as a consequence, I read a lot of YA fiction.  However, it is important to me that I read any and every genre for any and every age and this blog will to some extent reflect that.

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