Thursday, 14 March 2013

A Bed of Knives by Elizabeth Jasper

Publication date: 29th March 2012
Published by: Self published
Genre: Contemporary (New Adult)

Attention! Well written indie fiction!

A Bed of knives is a story set in Oxford, England about 4 friends who met at college.  The story moves between the present (when they are in their mid-twenties) and the past (5 years earlier, when the four are fresh out of college).

There is Gina the business graduate, Rose the fashion designer, Spider the promising chef and Eddie the rising football star.  At around 18/19 years old, having just graduated, they come together for a final celebratory night out before Spider leaves for London to start his first position working at a high profile restaurant, and Eddie goes travelling in New Zealand before returning to start his career as a professional football player with the Rangers.  Spider is mad about Rose, Rose is mad about Eddie, Gina is mad about spider and Eddie, although shy, likes Rose too.  Their night out ends with them all staying the night at Rose’s house where Eddie and Rose finally get it together and Spider and Gina are left abandoned to watch a DVD on the sofa…. 

Five years on, Eddie is doing very well as a professional football player while Gina and Rose are searching homeless shelters for Spider who is now living rough on the streets of Oxford….

I enjoyed this book so much!  It was well written.  The characters and situations are so realistic.  I was particularly impressed by the way the author, Elizabeth Jasper, was able to get into the head of an 18 year old boy and give us a glimpse of how he REALLY thinks. Nicely done.

This is a sweet story with very likeable characters.  I loved finding out what was happening to each of them.  I liked the strength and wisdom Gina had but my favourite character was Spider.

Jasper graciously warns people about the swearing and sexual content of the book.  I understand why since it may not be suitable for younger teens or those who are sensitive to swearing and sex in books, but for others please don’t let this put you off reading it.  It isn’t erotica. 

I couldn’t fault this wonderful novel.  (I couldn’t work out why it was called A Bed of Knives though and I’m curious to find out.)

Independently published, it is better than many of the conventionally published books I’ve read, and is a prime example of WHY those who are snotty about self-publication are wrong.

I think it would make a great drama for the screen (a TV series or a movie).  I have already been recommending A Bed of Knives to friends.

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